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Pest Control Services in Rapid City, SD and the Surrounding Black Hills Region

Aardvark Pest Control is your number one source for the most effective pest control services in the Black Hills region. Bringing multiple decades of combined experience to the table, the Aardvark Pest Control team is skilled in a wide variety of pest control services including Insect Pest Control, Rodent Pest Control, and Invasive Animal Control.

Get To Know Our End-to-End Pest Control Services

Homegrown in the Black Hills, Aardvark Pest Control is on a mission to instill comfort and ease in our customers as we provide exemplary pest control services to their homes and businesses. Aiming to be as minimally-invasive as possible, our processes and procedures ensure the safety of your space – and can be performed in record time, with most service calls being completed within 24 hours.


Insect Pest Control Services

From cockroaches and bed bugs to ticks, mosquitoes, and spiders, Aardvark Pest Control is the master of Insect Pest Control Services. Offering one-time, and multiple treatment services, we can prevent the return of most insects, while removing their impact on your daily life at your home or business.

Rodent Pest Control Services

Rodents begone! Aardvark Pest Control’s Rodent Pest Control Services are bar none. From prairie dogs to voles, gophers, mice, and rats, there’s no rodent that we can’t tackle. Using minimally invasive practices and EPA-certified products, our IPM approach to rodent removal is game-changing, and certain to last.

Invasive Animal Control Services

Invasive animals like skunks, bats, racoons, and possums are cute until they’re not, wreaking havoc on your home and business. Fortunately, Aardvark Pest Control offers animal control services that are certain to make an impact on your daily life – without harming the animals we remove.

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Safe and Effective Pest Control Services – What’s Keeping You Up At Night?

From mice to cockroaches, bed bugs, prairie dogs, and skunks, Aardvark Pest Control is a leading pest control service provider in the Black Hills. Whether it be our minimally invasive pest control practices or our unrelenting customer service standards, Aardvark Pest Control is your #1 source for quality, effective pest control services.

The Aardvark Pest Control Quality Guarantee

We guarantee success on all extermination services and pest exclusion service. We guarantee the safety of our service. We guarantee 100% satisfaction with the service experience.

Save Time and Money With Group Servicing

If you’re experiencing troubles with pests, chances are your neighbors are too! With the help of Aardvark Pest Control, we offer group servicing in neighborhoods and rural locations. Not only is group servicing effective in minimizing the return of insects, rodents, and invasive animals in the future, but it also saves home and business owners money on mileage fees.

Ask Us About Our Aadvantage Plans For Yearly Service

Aardvark Pest Control is committed to ensuring continued comfort in our customers at their homes or businesses. To ensure this, we offer yearly service Aadvantage Plans that allow for annual service to prevent the return of pesky insects, rodents, and invasive animals.

Need Handyman Services to Restore Your Home Or Business? We Can Help!

In some cases, the impact of pests on a home or business may exacerbate traditional circumstances, causing damage to siding and other components of our space. As champions for the continued support of our customers and longevity in our service, we provide handyman services, when needed, including physical exclusion work, repairs to siding, windows, foundations, chimneys, and doors. Should we believe these services are necessary for the betterment of your home or business, we’ll be sure to let you know and schedule repairs for the future.

Why You Should Use Aardvark Pest Control to Service Your Needs

Offering decades of combined experience in the realm of pest control services, Aardvark Pest Control’s team members bring the utmost care and service to each new project we take on. Saving customers time and money in the long-run, we work to provide effective pest control solutions that are minimally invasive of your personal space – while keeping your home or business rid of pesky insects, rodents, and animals. Servicing customers all-throughout the Black Hills and surrounding area, you won’t find pest control services as thorough and effective as those offered at Aardvark Pest Control. Beyond the scope of our work, we are actively involved in the communities we live in and serve throughout Western South Dakota – working to give back whenever and wherever we can.

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"Very professional on time and there products are safe around children and animals. Have not seen a spider or bug since service. I would definitely recommend them."
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